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3 Ways to Host a Safer Winter Kids’ Party

Happy Winter, everyone!

It’s winter here in Massachusetts, and winter babies are having their winter birthday parties…and there’s a new Covid-19 variant to guard against. What can a health-conscious parent do to still throw a fun child’s birthday party while minimizing health risks and maximizing smiles?

#1: Mask themes and competitions

As much protection as a mask might bring against respiratory illnesses like Covid-19, I’ll be the first one to admit how tired I’ve grown of wearing them, and I’m sure many of you can relate. Unfortunately when we start feeling tired of masks, we forget to bring them, we wear them wrong, worst of all, choose not to wear one at all. So how can we help encourage ourselves and our guests (especially the little ones) to practice pandemic safety? Hold a competition!

Establish rules for judging like mask fit, coverage, and filtration. See who can get into the spirit of the party with a theme such as colors, shapes, characters, patterns, monsters, animals, or my totally-not-biased-at-all favorite: insects. Not only do these help encourage proper wear and design, but it’ll be more fun, and it may even stimulate local and independent businesses as guests need to search off the beaten path for a shop that offers something truly unique.

#2: Break it up!

The CDC recommends that we minimize our gatherings, which is probably a little difficult to abide by when Aiden wants half his 4th grade class to come over for cake. However, nobody ever said the whole group needs to come at the same time. Instead of a single large party, or going through the headache of making Sophia decide which friends need to be left out, guests can be divided among two or more smaller parties. To better prevent the spread of illness among families, parties can even be held at least two weeks apart for proper quarantining procedures to be followed. And the ICING on the CAKE of this winter party strategy (I’m sorry not sorry for the puns) is fewer guests at a time means less prep, less chaos, less cleanup, and it can feel like getting two birthdays for the lucky little one!

#3: Spread it out!

This one may not be for everyone, but for those with access to them, larger spaces with better ventilation can keep things from getting too cramped. Many venues will rent out for parties, and can be spacious enough to really stretch out. If you live in warmer climates, or during warmer times of the year, outdoor settings such as local parks may provide the safest option. Search for party and event spaces for rent near you and maintain that social distance for your next social event!

Throwing a safe and exciting birthday party has always been a challenge as any parent will tell you, but the pandemic has certainly added a new complication to fuss over. I hope these suggestions can bring you some peace of mind for your child’s next birthday party or get-together, and everyone can keep feeling the cheer the rest of the 2022 year!

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