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Hi! I’m Bryan Man, but you can call me Professor Bugman, and I’m crazy about science and education!

I began my career in research academia at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2006, studying plant, soil, and insect science.  After graduating in 2009, I proceeded to North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC, eventually earning my Master of Entomology (that’s the study of insects!) in 2011.  

While I loved science and bugs, my heart pulled me to the classroom, and so I began my work as a teacher.  Over more than 8 years I spent time with a wide range of students, from 10th graders learning chemistry in preparation for college, to older toddlers experiencing their first introduction to scientific thinking and exploration.  During this time, I always sought to find the best ways to engage learners and keep them interested in science, but always wanted to do more than what most standard educational environments could allow.

That’s when I decided to break out and do it myself with Professor Bugman℠ Entomology Adventures!  My work is driven by one major goal: to bring the kind of hands-on, engaging, and memorable experiences that real scientists and professionals cite as their inspiration for learning and choosing their careers.

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