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Q:  How does the booking process work?

A:  It all starts with a conversation about what program you’d like and when you’d like it.  Once we can confirm details, you’ll receive an invoice and be officially booked in our calendars.

Q:  Are these shows or activities?

A:  It depends on the event!  Insect Safaris and Hide-A-Bug are open, guided activities, while the Arthropod Petting Zoo and Spooky Bones and Creepy Crawlies are "Show-And-Tell-And-Touch".

Q: How many kids can attend a program?

A: Because our goal is always close, hands-on shows and programs, the maximum group size is 25 kids, with options for groups of 50.

Q: Can you do large assemblies?

A:  Our programs are specially designed to inspire curious young scientists with up-close and hands-on learning.  As such, we don't do assembly-style programs.

Q: Do adults count towards audience limits?

A: Nope!  They’re well-behaved enough!

Q: Do you charge travel fees?

A: Yes, which are subject to change depending on the distance from our home base in Shirley, MA.

Q: How far in advance do you need for booking?

A:  3-4 weeks minimum is preferred.

Q: How far ahead can I book?

A:  We don't set a limit to booking ahead.  Looking for something next year? Feel free to reach out!

Q: Can you do our whole 1st/2nd/3rd/4th grade?

A:  Absolutely!  Our programs work great as in-school field trips or enrichment events for elementary schools, and can easily move from classroom to classroom, or be run from a single spot in your school while classrooms switch out.  We'll even tweak our material to better fit your units and content!

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