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Spring is here and summer will happen before you know it!  This warm season of 2022, we're featuring:


 Insect Safaris

Believe it or not, an endless zoo exists all around you!  Join us in the great outdoors as we explore the dazzling diversity of insect wildlife right here in Massachusetts.  We provide the entomology equipment and veteran expertise, you bring the hungry brains!   Don’t let this opportunity crawl away from you this summer!

Great for ages 5-12

Fall 2022:

Spooky Bones and Creepy Bugs

Celebrate this autumn by exploring the creepier side of life!  Children handle giant insects, real bones and more as they learn about what crawls and writhes, the organs inside, what lives and what dies... 

Scary fun for ages 6 to 10


3 to 4 years old

Tornado Tube, Wind pipes, Rainbow table, Microphone and voice changer

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5 to 7 years old

Voice distortion, Theremini, Rainbow Table, Bones and Skeletons

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8 to 10 years old

Spring/Summer Insect Safaris

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3 to 10 years old

Live critters, Bones and Skeletons, Insect Safaris

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Ages and Offerings List
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