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STEM Events

Perfect for the young scientists in your life, Professor Bugman℠ STEM Adventures brings the science museum to you with our unique, one-of-a-kind science events!  Our goal is to inspire young minds with real hands-on experiences, the kinds that spark interest and begin careers for real scientists! Whether they’re into technology, engineering, electronics, physics, chemistry, or (my personal favorite) bugs and wildlife, we’ve got fun and interactivity down to a science!

Our events are versatile and flexible to fit your needs.  Whether it's a small bunch of preschoolers for an afternoon, or several full-size groups of 5th graders throughout a fully-booked day, we've got a package for you! 


Public Events

Libraries, parks, festivals, or anywhere else with lots of kids looking for fun


Happy Birthday to your scientist and friends!  Ask about extra party goodies!

Summer Camps

Summer is for bugs, and summer camp is a great time to explore nature and learn about them!

Schools and Daycare

Whether it's a field trip, or a special visit, let us create an unforgettable day of learning for you and your students!

Insect Safari℠


Get outside and get exploring!
Insect safaris put real entomologist tools into the kids' hands and let them explore their environment just as a scientist would!  Children learn to use equipment, ask questions, find answers, and discover what lives in the ecosystems all around them with the guidance of a real entomologist! 

Great choice for:

  • Sunny days

  • May to September

  • Ages 3 to 11

  • Groups up to 20

  • Kids who like to be active

  • Green spaces and nature trails

Arthropod Petting zoo

Reach out and hug a bug!
Get up-close and personal with some of the biggest, creepiest, and friendliest insects you've ever seen!  They might look scary, but these gentle giants are friendly, fun, and can teach us a lot about creatures very different from ourselves.   This event features two species of insects with options for more!  Can you complete Professor Bugman's Hug-A-Bug Challenge?

Great choice for:

  • Indoors - all year

  • Outdoors in the warmer months

  • All ages

  • Schools and camps with multiple groups up to 25

  • Public events and public festivals with steady flow of guests

  • Brave scientific minds!


This fall...

Spooky Bones and Creepy Crawlies

What scurries through the woods?  What creatures shuffle in the darkness?  And what lies...inside their bodies?  Explore the creepiest of our crawlies, and real bones of native animals to New England! 

Great choice for:

  • Indoors

  • Halloween celebrations

  • Multiple separate groups

  • Groups up to 25 children

  • Public events with a steady flow of guests

  • Fans of all things SPOOKY!

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