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Let's get outside and explore!


Children have a natural-born curiosity of wildlife and animals, including insects!  Once children begin to explore this amazing, tiny world around them, they often can't help but to keep exploring. Curiosity and questions come pouring out, and inspiration flows like rivers.  They find out what it really means to have the spirit of a scientist, and that’s what Insect Safaris are all about!


Insect Safaris are outdoor science workshops for children and families during which children use real hands-on experiences to build important skills in:

  • Nature Exploration

  • Insect collection

  • Scientific tool use

  • The scientific method

  • Observation

  • Note-taking

All while receiving supervision, mentorship, and subject matter expertise from a real veteran entomologist and children’s educator.  Our goal with these activities is to give children the kind of exciting and engaging experiences that have inspired real scientists during their own childhoods. 























The program is divided into 3 segments:

15-minute introduction and crash course on concepts, tools, and rules and conduct.

The Main Event! Children are free to use their tools and resources to begin exploring the local environment and its wildlife.  This time varies depending on the length of the program chosen.

10-minute wrap-up.  Collect tools, share findings and experiences, and goodbyes.


Workshop Length: 1 to 2 hours

Group size: 5 to 20 children

Age range: 4 to 14 years old

Recommended supplies: Insect repellent, sunblock, water, durable outdoor summer clothing

Great for: Birthday parties, family events, community events, special educational programs and events


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